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Semester Three: Exam Preparation

Semester Three: Exam Preparation prepares students to assemble biblical counseling principles and practice into cogent understanding through the discipline of writing. The description, curriculum, and requirements for this course are found below:

Semester Three: Exam Preparation

The principles and practices from semester one and two provide comprehensive instruction. Through the practice of writing, the Semester Three: Exam Preparation class forces the student to condense this wealth of information into manageable and retainable components that lead to cogent understanding. Each student writes a number of answers from the exams, and the instructor imparts feedback and discussion. This class provides (1) the opportunity to take a plethora of study notes, (2) the opportunity to compile a rough, general outline for each exam question, and (3) plenty of articles articles from the instructors to help with exam research.

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All of the questions on the theology and counseling exams will be covered. The questions will be divided out among the students enrolled in semester three during the first class. Each student will answer several questions depending on the number of students. Often, several students will answer the same questions. Each student will read the answer they have written then the instructor will provide feedback and the class will discuss.

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AttendanceAll Sessions Required
Reading1) The Christian Counselor's Manual by Jay Adams (purchase from retailer)
2) A Theology of Christian Counseling by Jay Adams (purchase from retailer)
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Homework- Write Answers to Assigned Questions
- 4 hrs Assist Counseling
- 4 hrs Lead Counseling
Duration4 or 5, 5 hr Classes Each on a Saturday
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FeesIndividual Registration - $150
Married Registration - $200
Retake Registration - $50
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