Training the saints to certification in biblical counseling

Phase Three: Supervision

Supervision is the final component of the ACBC certification process which requires 50 sessions of supervision by an ACBC Fellow. The description, curriculum, and requirements/fees/info are found below:

Phase Three: Supervision

All that has been gained from Phase One and Phase Two is now put into practice. Students lead 50 counseling sessions over the course of a year under the supervision of an ACBC Fellow. This personal coaching and feedback is instrumental in honing counseling skills. It provides the opportunity to for students to ask questions about counseling cases and for coaches to provide encouragement and help as counseling sessions progress. Jim Fain, our director at Rod and Staff Ministries, is an ACBC Fellow. While we do give priority supervision preference to Rod and Staff Ministries students, we are happy to supervise students who have not taken classes with us. Please, don’t hesitate to contact us to see if Jim has supervision availability. 

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