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Training the saints to certification in biblical counseling

Who We Are

Rod and Staff Ministries (RSM) exists to equip Christians to honor God in all of life’s circumstances and help others do the same. We are an ACBC (Association of Certified Biblical Counselors) Training Center, and we can train the saints through the whole process of ACBC certification under ACBC guidelines. We also provide continued teaching and support to biblical counselors and counsel those who need help solving the problems of life in God’s ways.

Why Biblical Counseling?

Most Christians do not know that they are building their houses on the sand until God sends the storms of life. In that trouble, most have no idea how to respond.

We teach biblical counselors to walk with people who, in the storm, have watched their lives crumble and teach them two crucial truths:

  1. God’s purposes in the affliction, and
  2. How to rebuild their lives on the rock of obedience.

The Bible tells us what God is doing in the trials of our lives.  It also shows a better way of responding that we too may live a life above circumstance and for His glory!

We show others Jesus in their storm.

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Rod and Staff Ministries (RSM) is passionate about equipping the churches to help the saints live above circumstance.  Our commission is not to counsel for the churches, but to equip the churches to counsel their people with the hope-giving, joy producing, God-honoring, living Word.

Our vision is a network of equipped biblical counselors who elevate and make known the truths of biblical counseling/discipleship to all of life within the local churches.

We are a non-profit (501(c)(3)) ministry that provides training worth over $200,000 at a discounted rate and offers nearly $250,000 of discounted counsel every year through the generous support of individuals, churches, and businesses.

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Why Does Rod and Staff Ministries Exist?

We exist for your greatest joy–namely the formation of Christ in you. We exist because that transformation away from you and toward the Jesus happens most exquisitely in suffering. We exist because we must be competent in helping people from Scripture see how God is using affliction for their sanctification.

If God is our good; if pleasing God is our pursuit; if trusting God is our treasure—if God is our soul’s delight—then exulting and rejoicing will be our result—for EVER.  Beloved, this is the promise of Scripture and the content of our counsel.  Rod and Staff Ministries seeks the saints’ joy.  We follow our Lord and desire your greatest delight.  We are for you—your joy—your soul to sing.

Why we exist can be be summarized as follows:

1. Conformity Increases Capacity

We exist because your eternal enjoyment of Jesus is tied to the degree to which you image Him. The more you are like Him, the more you will appreciate Him.

2. Scripture’s Sufficiency

Secondly, we exist because the Bible is sufficient (indeed, supremely so) to reveal Jesus to you…and in so doing hold out the prototype into whom you must be conformed.

3. Christian Competency

And thirdly, we exist because every person who reads these words IS a counselor. You are counseling every day. Indeed, you are counseling out of the perceived sufficiency of some authority…be it reason, empiricism, intuition, or Scripture. We exist because Christians are counseling every day from some paradigm with a goal in mind. We exist because that counsel must be grounded in Scripture with THE goal of conformity to Christ yielding greater capacity to enjoy Jesus…and there is nothing greater that appreciating Jesus more. 


We believe that our Creator loves us and knows what we need most. He does not want us to settle for anything less than conformity to Jesus Christ and an ever increasing capacity to enjoy Jesus Christ.

We believe that the Word of God is not only authoritative but sufficient–sufficient to save and sufficient to sanctify (make like Christ). All things pertaining to life and godliness are found in the Bible.

We believe that all Christians can be equipped to counsel and that counseling should be restored to the church.

Standards of Doctrine

As an ACBC Certified Training Center Rod and Staff Ministries provides training in biblical counseling in accordance with ACBC’s Standards of Doctrine. Their Standards of Doctrine contain the beliefs necessary for ACBC certification.

Statement Regarding Mental Disorders, Medicine, and Counseling

In October 2014 ACBC released a statement regarding mental disorders, medicine, and counseling to help biblical counselors be faithful to Scripture in their practice of counseling.

Standards of Conduct

As an ACBC Certified Training Center Rod and Staff Ministries provide training in biblical counseling in accordance with ACBC’s Standards of Conduct.

Standards of Conduct

In October 2014 ACBC also released a statement regarding gender, sexuality, and counseling to help biblical counselors be faithful to Scripture in their practice of biblical counseling.


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Rod and Staff Ministries

. . .exists to equip churches to strengthen the saints to live above sin, suffering, and circumstance through sanctification (greater conformity to Jesus) unto satisfaction (greater capacity to enjoy Jesus) Soli Deo Gloria. . .