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Training the saints to certification in biblical counseling

What Is Biblical Counseling?

Though not comprehensive, here are six components that describe important aspects of biblical counseling. In all cases, we commend you to let the Word of God be your final authority.

1. God’s Restoration

Biblical Counseling is restorative…often after problems have been encountered, we respond wrongly and seek help when problems haven’t improved. We do not understand the why of the problems or how to please God in them. (We do not know the real enemy or God’s agenda.)

2. God’s Agenda

Biblical Counseling is about God’s ever-present agenda, namely His glory in our sanctification. God wants to make much of Himself in the person of Jesus. Therefore, He predestines us to be conformed into the image of Jesus and thereby increase our capacity to enjoy Jesus. 

3. Our Enemies

Both Satan and suffering conspire against us…to thwart God’s designs, but God triumphs over them both and uses suffering and Satan to accomplish His purposes. Neither Satan, nor suffering are THE problems.  Praise God He uses the chemotherapy of suffering to kill the cancer of sin. Biblical counseling helps sufferers see how God uses our enemies for His glory and our joy.

4. THE Problem

In biblical counseling we see that THE problem is what comes out of our heart (cf. Mark 7:20-23) while being harassed by Satan/circumstance or hurt by sinners. Our problem is ultimately within us–within our very soul. We often learn through suffering that what we treasured and am being denied is something other than God…and that something is an idol. 

5. God’s Resources

Biblical counseling employs God’s resources because of their supremacy. Praise God that He has given us resources against these enemies: The Son/Savior, The Spirit, The Saints, and Supplication are all working to help us treasure Jesus above all…even His good gifts.

6. God’s Word

The Scripture is God’s primary means of changing me through my circumstances.  Relief, in and of itself, is a paltry pleasure compared to the joy of redemption. The Word is all about redeeming our soul. The Word has the power to expose and eliminate what really robs us of our joy, namely unbelief.  The greatest hurdle to our joy is not an absence of pleasure, but the presence of sin.  Biblical counselors use the Word to root up this cancer of the soul. 

What now?

We are all counselors.  The question is whether or not the counsel you’re providing is biblical. Is yours?  It would be our privilege to help you hone your skill in biblical counseling. 

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