ACBC Exam Preparation
Online Course 

Take the next step toward writing your exams! Sign up for our online class where we take you through five study sessions discussing every question on the exam.

What You Get by Enrolling

Video Lesson Library

We recorded all five of our study sessions. Each sessions is two videos each. You’ll get to see real students receive live feedback from the instructors on the exam questions they’ve answered.

View Student's Written Exam Answers

Our students distributed their written answers to the class so everyone could follow along. You’ll have access to them, too!

Research Articles

It can be hard to track down all of the sources for certain questions on the exam (e.g., the biochemical questions). Our instructors compiled some articles to help you with your research.

Written Feedback

The live students received immediate feedback on their answers, this is your opportunity! Write and submit your own answers to four questions (two from the counseling exam and two from the theology exam) then we’ll give you some written feedback!

Quarterly Group Discussions

One of the best parts of the live course is the group discussion! Here is your chance for just that. We host quarterly group discussions (limited to 15 students) via Google Hangouts where we’ll discuss questions you have about the exams.

Personal Coaching

This is the “ultimate” tier because you will have access to one-on-one time with one of the instructors (two, 30 minute sessions) via Skype (or similar). Our live students didn’t even have access to this feature!

Discover the Most Commonly Missed Questions

Which questions are the hardest? The easiest? We discuss this and more in our ACBC Exam Prep Online Course.

Learn the Most Important Points

Books could be written about each question on the exam. Find out what points must be included in our ACBC Online Exam Prep Course.

Tips and Hints

We share suggestions on how to manage your time, make your outline, format your paper and more! 


What is the ACBC Exam Prep Online Course?

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How long is the course?

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What tier do you recommend?

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What is covered during each session?

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What's the difference between group discussion and personal coaching?

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What if I have more questions about this course?

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