Training the saints to certification in biblical counseling


We are a full service training center.

If you’re looking to be certified as a biblical counselor, we offer teaching and training to complete all three Phases of the ACBC certification process. 

If you’re looking to better handle the word of God in your counsel to others, we offer classes and resources. From your first day in class until your last day of supervised counseling, we can walk with you every step of the way. 

Phase One (Instruction)

As with all disciplines, the first step in gaining competency begins with understanding concepts.  We hold classes in the spring and fall of each year where you can sign up to learn a solid foundation and robust comprehension of biblical counseling.

Semester 1 – Principles of Biblical Counseling

Counseling practice must be informed by a solid, biblical framework at every point. The content of this class lays the theological foundation necessary for competency in counseling practice.

Topics covered include: Requirements
  • What is Biblical Counseling?
  • Why the need for Biblical Counseling?
  • Resources to respond well
  • Warning Signals
  • Confession, repentance, and forgiveness
  • Communication, Change and Conflict Resolution
  • Creating a Culture of Hope: Foundations of One-Another Ministry

Must attend 10 out of 12 classes for completion.

Reading Requirements:

  •  Instruments in the Redeemer’s Hands by Paul David Tripp
  • Seeing with New Eyes by David Powlison

Writing Requirements: 

Two single page book reports on the required reading books


$150 – Until August 1

$175 – August 2 – August 15

$225 – August 16 and at the door

*We also charge $25 for our Student Manual for each student. 

AuggSemester 2 – The Practice of Biblical Counseling

From theological concepts springs counseling practice. God-honoring Biblical counseling demands a Bible-saturated methodology. The content of this class discusses counseling practice, discerns counseling models, and discovers biblical problems and their solutions.

Topics covered include: Requirements
  • What makes Biblical Counseling biblical?
  • Models of Counseling
  • Biblical Counseling Methodologies
  • Discipline, Legal Duties, Debt, Disease, Psychotropic Drugs, Depression, Life-Dominating Sins, and Demons
  • Sanctification in Marriage
  • Sanctification in Parenting

Must attend 10 out of 12 classes for completion.

Reading Requirements:

  • Counseling: How to Counsel Biblically by John MacArthur 
  • Competent to Counsel by Jay Adams

Writing Requirements: 

10-page paper comparing Biblical Counseling and Psychology models


150 – Until August 1

$175 – August 2 – August 15

$225 – August 16 and at the door

*We also charge $25 for our Student Manual for each student. 

Phase Two (Exam Preparation and Writing)


Students pursuing ACBC certification are afforded opportunities to observe, assist, and lead live counseling alongside an ACBC certified counselor who has been trained by Rod and Staff. We also have opportunities for you to watch pre-recorded videos of past counseling sessions to gain a better understanding of what happens in the counseling room.

Semester 3 – Exam Preparation Course

Semester 3 is designed to help you excel at the written portion of the ACBC Certification exam. Each student writes a number of answers from the exams, and the instructor imparts feedback and discussion. This class provides (1) the opportunity to get feedback from the instructors on each question, (2) the opportunity to compile a rough, general outline for each exam question, and (3) plenty of articles from the instructors to help with exam research.

Each question on the ACBC exam is covered in detail with examples given.

This course is held once a year in April/May on Saturday mornings. Or we have an online version of this course that can be taken anytime.

Cost: $125, in person, Tiered Options for the Online Class

Phase 3 (Supervised Counseling)

Supervision is the final component of the ACBC certification process which requires 50 sessions of supervision by an ACBC Fellow. Upon passing the exams, Rod & Staff Ministries is able to provide supervision of the required 50 hours of counseling for ACBC certification.  

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