Training the saints to certification in biblical counseling


Our training completes all three phases of the ACBC certification process. Upon completion all of ACBC’s requirements for certification as an ACBC certified counselor will be satisfied.  From your first day in class until your last day of supervised counseling, we are able to be with you every step of the way. An overview of this process is introduced below:

Academic Concepts (Instruction)

Attained competency begins with understanding concepts.  Rod & Staff Ministries provides comprehensive academic instruction that will lay a solid foundation and challenge a robust comprehension of biblical counseling.

Apprenticeship Chance (Putting into Practice)

Students pursuing ACBC certification are afforded opportunities to observe, assist, and lead live counseling alongside an ACBC certified counselor.

Assembled Content (Exam Preparation)

Rod & Staff Ministries prepares students to assemble biblical counseling concepts into cogent understanding.  The practice of writing will force the student to condense the wealth of information into manageable and retainable components.  At this point the student is prepared to excel in their ACBC written exams.

Application Collection (Submission of Packet to ACBC)

Rod & Staff Ministries will help each student gather all required documents and forms for submission to ACBC for certification and membership.

Applied Competency (Supervised Counseling)

Upon passing the exams, Rod & Staff Ministries is able to provide supervision of the required 50 hours of counseling for ACBC certification.  Rod & Staff Ministries is truly a one-stop shop towards ACBC certification. If your desire is to first counsel your own soul toward sanctification and satisfaction in Jesus, and then help others with the same through ACBC certification, Rod & Staff Ministries is equipped to help you reach your goals.

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