Three-Weekend Training Conference



January 13-14
February 10-11
March 10-11


Fridays 6 p.m. – 9 p.m.
Saturdays 8 a.m. – 3 p.m.


LifePoint Church
8540 Combs Rd.
Indianapolis, IN 46237


$150 (individual)
$200 (couple)
$50 (material per registrant)
*$50 deposit toward cost required at registration

You’re Invited

Rod and Staff Ministries believes the local church is called and commissioned to counsel its members. We especially believe that pastors should shepherd their flocks as ones who will give an account for their oversight of Christ’s church.

With these two facts in mind, we invite you to register for our three-weekend training conference. This condensed format (which condenses 48 hours of instruction over two, twelve week semesters into 27 hours of insruction over three, nine-hour weekends) is best suited for those who already have a theological foundation and will receive mentoring along the way. These training events are not open to the public and are by invitation only.

The deadline to register is January 9, 2017 and a $50 deposit that goes toward registration is required at the time you register.

Training will take place on Friday nights and the following Saturdays. Snacks will be provided on Fridays, and a continental breakfast and lunch will be provided on Saturdays. A $50 deposit is required at time of registration.

Topics Covered

Why the Need for Biblical Counseling?…Sanctification
Why the Need for Biblical Counseling?…Satan & Suffering
Why the Need for Biblical Counseling?…Sin
Why the Need for Biblical counseling?…Self
Resources to Respond Well
Warning Systems
Warning Signals
Confession, Repentance, & Forgiveness
Communication, Change, & Conflict Resolution
Creating a Culture of Hope: Foundations of One-Another Ministry
Models of Counseling
Give Hope & Generate Involvement
Gather Data/Glean the Problem
Grounded Instruction/Guided Homework
Disease, Determination, & Psychotropic Drugs
Depression, Life Dominating Sins, & Demons
Sanctification in Marriage: Picturing & Becoming Like Christ
Physical Intimacy: Pleasing & Pursing God by Pleasing Another
Sanctification in Parenting

Next Step? Certification!

After this conference you are well on your way to completing Phase 1 in the ACBC certification process. The material covered in this conference satisfies the “Learning” (or basic training course) portion of Phase 1 and all that remains of Phase 1 is to complete the Assigned Reading and Counseling Observation portions. This overview of ACBC’s three-phase certification process is very helpful.

We are all already counselors, and if you are a pastor/elder, you are especially called to counsel the flock of God. The question is whether or not we will offer counsel that’s from the Word or the world. After your complete the conference, may we humbly encourage each of you to not stop there? Would you continue to hone your counseling skill and ability to rightly handle the word of truth in counseling by taking the next step in the certifcation process for the glory of God and good of the saints? 

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Rod and Staff Ministries

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