The Cross Wins

Aug 24, 2022


A few months ago I listed some truths that biblical counseling has taught me. I wrote,


“I have learned a lot of truths in learning, practicing, and teaching biblical counseling. Here are a few of those truths, and in coming posts from me, I will expand upon them.

Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”


If I may, I would like to add a few thoughts here.


Sin does want autonomy. Sin wants independence from God. Sin wants to be King. In an unbeliever, sin wins. They may chose within that realm, but they are not free from that realm (cf. Rom 6:20). The believer, on the other hand, has had the tyranny, the dominion, the reign & rule of sin broken in their lives. We who are under grace should be out from under the power of sin.


That said, many Christians live as though sin held sway…still exercised mastery in their soul. If you would be free from sin’s power, look for evidence of its life in yours. When indwelling sins wins in the life of a believer, two tactics are often seen.


1. Indwelling sin will try to disparage God in your soul. In Jeremiah 2:5, the people found some “fault” in God as the basis of their rebellion and mutiny. In Deuteronomy 1 the people actually accuse God of seeking the death (vs. 27) as the justification for unbelief (vs. 32). Beloved, by on guard against any thought that seeks to diminish God. If you find yourself doubting God’s goodness, greatness, or wisdom… be alarmed. Be concerned–run to Him quickly.


2. Indwelling sin wants you to be a permanent victim. Permanent victimhood (PV) is the death knell of sanctification. PV Affords Right and Absolves Responsibility. Beloved, in your trials you must still please God. Jesus is still Lord, and His lordship knows no bounds.


When indwelling sin hands you a “Full House” (3 cards that read “God is not…Good, Great, and Wise and two Cards that read You are Afforded Rights and Absolved of Responsibility) trying to win autonomy…independence from God, please remember that the five cards of C.R.O.S.S. wins every hand (BTW: we are not suggesting God plays cards).


The Cross wins. The cross should motivate you to live a life that honors God. The cross should motivate us to live a life under God’s Reign and Rule.


10,000 Blessings in The Wonderful Counselor,


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