Truths I’ve learned about biblical counseling

May 12, 2022

Greetings Beloved,

I have learned a lot of truths in learning, practicing, and teaching biblical counseling.  Here are a few of those truths, and in coming posts from me, I will expand upon them.

1. Sin ultimately wants autonomy from God.  Sin, Satan, and “self” want self-rule.  In this we are all sons and daughters of Eve.

2. Permanent victimhood (PV) is the death knell of sanctification.  God’s ever-present agenda for your life is that you come to be more like Jesus–conformed into His image (sanctified).  PV creates the illusion that you are excluded from God’s goals.  To be sure all have been the victims of others’ sin, but PV creates the wicked fantasy that you are (A) Absolved of Responsibility to please God and (B) Afforded Rights, i.e., free to sin in response.

3. The Lordship of Jesus knows no bounds.  There is NO trauma that trumps (pun-intended) the Lordship of Jesus.  He has the moral authority to command that we honor Him in all circumstances.  Jesus is worthy of a life-well lived, i.e., a life lived in honoring Him.

4. No one and no-thing causes you to sin.  Arminians often trumpet the “glory” of free-will…but free-will is not their real concern–it is always vainglory.  We happily ascribe a level of sovereignty to Satan and sinners in our sin that begrudgingly grant God in our salvation.  If it is sin, “You made me do it.”  If it is salvation, “Well now, you better believe that was all me.”  The traffic may be a necessary condition for anger to come out of you, but it is NOT a sufficient explanation.  The only sufficient reason is that anger was already inside you.

5. One will either start with God or with self.  If you (or your counselor) allows you to start with self (self at the center of your world, self the highest good), then God will be marginalized–FULL stop.

6. One ounce of sin (unbelief; lack of trust) is infinitely worse than a hundred-million ft-lbs of suffering.  See any Puritan for further help.  Jesus is a Redeemer of sin and sinners.  He is NOT a therapist.

7. Whatever you do it must be by faith.  Revenge is not of faith.  Sinning in response to being sinned against is not of faith.  Leaning on your own wisdom (like using your emotions to indicate “ought-ness” instead of that for which they were designed, “is-ness”) is not of faith.  Intuition is not of faith.  Rationalism is not of faith.  Empiricism is not of faith.  Trusting Dr. Phil is not of faith.  Trusting God’s Word is faith (cf. 1 Peter 4:19).


…let’s stop there for now… seven sounds like a good number


May God grant you what He requires of you!


10,000 Blessings in the Wonderful Counselor,



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