Five Real Reasons for Jesus’ Advent

Dec 17, 2020

Beloved, how much more can be said about God assuming humanity?  What could I, a creature, say of the Creator “sharing in human nature” (Phil 2:7; NET)?  The entire proposition is preposterous (me saying anything profound).  I think we might be wise to simply cover our mouths in awe.


Alas, many it seems, have not thought silence best, but have brought forward novel ideas… “new” thoughts of “Why Advent?”  Jesus’ coming (Latin, adventus, means “coming”) has been given new meanings… even strange ideas (e.g., social justice).  Jesus’ incarnation is being hijacked to serve agendas.  It is always best to sit under Scripture… submitting to what the Word declares.  


Hebrews 2:10-18 is one such text.  There are a number of purposes given for Jesus’ Advent:


  1. That He might bring many sons (and of course daughters as well; this “gendered” language is important and should not be an affront to anyone… a topic for another day) to glory (vs. 2:10).  Jesus took on humanity to bring many to His presence, i.e., glory.  In love, Jesus gives the best to His, namely Himself.
  2. That He would destroy the Devil (vs 2:14).  In dying Jesus destroys the Devil’s billy club… i.e., the threat of death.
  3. That He would deliver saints from the slavery of fear of death (vs 2:15).  The Devil holds over your head…. death.  Jesus died to disarm death.  Death is now made to serve the saints.  Death is (normal) means of bringing the saints into the presence of their Lord.  How happy would you be if you believed this verse?  How blessed would you be if you did not fear death?
  4. That He would be a merciful (toward us) and faithful (toward God) High Priest (vs 2:17).  Jesus was born to die.  Jesus was incarnated to be crucified.  He came to be a merciful and faithful High Priest in the service of God (vs 2:17).  He came to joyfully (Heb 12:2) serve the Triune God by dying.
  5. That he would avert the wrath of God (vs. 2:17).  Jesus came to appease, absorb, the wrath of God rightfully due the saved.  When Jesus left heaven He knew that He would bear the wrath of the Triune God.  


…and all of these purposes “qualifies” Him to be the perfect offering (vs. 2:10) and helper to us when we face trials (vs. 2:18) and in need of faith to please God (cf. Heb 4:16).  


Jesus came to save to the uttermost (cf. Heb 7:25) those who draw near to Him.. who cling to Him… who trust Him… who believe He satisfied God’s wrath and imputes His own righteousness….


Jesus was born to die.  Jesus was born to save.  


Beloved, please… may your thoughts ascend to the lofty, the real, the true reasons Jesus came… to serve God (e.g. vindicate God’s righteousness, cf. Rom 3:21-26) AND save sinners (which is also in the service of God).  Jesus’ purpose in taking on human nature was Godward.  


May that salvation be the only need.  As A. W. Tozer once said, a person who comes to a right understanding of the cross is relieved of 10,000 temporal problems.  Please do not allow temporal concerns to cloud the eternal.


10,000 Blessings in THE Wonderful Counselor,