Viewing the ACBC Exams as a Gift

Mar 31, 2017

By Will Cleland (from ACBC Blog)

When I looked at the requirements for the ACBC certification process I was intimidated particularly by the exams. For those of you who are also intimidated by the exams, I want to encourage you to set aside all thoughts of the ACBC exams being an intimidating task and instead begin thinking of them as a gift. It wasn’t until I made this transition from task to opportunity that I was able to experience the grace that was wrapped up in the tireless efforts of reading and writing. When viewed as an opportunity from God, studying Scripture and theological issues and applying them to everyday life results in this gift leading to a greater love for the Lord and a greater ability to faithfully minister the Word of God.

The ACBC exams have benefited me personally and my ministry in two ways: theological foundation and practical application. This is how the exam is structured and this structure is in fact what has benefited me most.

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