Merry Christmas!

Dec 24, 2016

Merry Christmas!

I would imagine almost everything that could be said about Christmas has already been said.  I am not sure I can further the importance of the event…indeed, it seems the challenge nowadays for many is to ponder what they already know.  The battle for belief happens largely in the mundane.  Our church will gather Saturday night and recount the same, expected story.  We will sing the same, familiar hymns.  It will all be over in two hours (from departure from our home to return).  Nothing new, nothing sizzling.  The same story, told yet again.

Why is it that I have to battle to be amazed?  Christianity is not “exciting.”  Being a follower of Jesus is a constant fight to mortify sin (selfishness) and vivify faith (trust, belief in His promises)…and no amount of lights will ever change that reality.  I am thankful Peter reminds us pastors to remind God’s people of the same truths over and again (see 2 Peter 1:12-15).  We need the same story told again.  We need to read it and sing it.

Maybe then, this is my prayer for me and you…God please grant us focus.  Give us eyes to see Jesus.  Open our souls to the sweet truths of Divine condescension.  Help me ponder anew that you did not wink at sin…nor did you avoid it or squash me for it.  I want to be amazed at the fact that you dealt with my sin, my rebellion,  my selfishness in deciding fashion.  I am so grateful that you, Lord, are not a problem avoider.  Grant us eyes to see your initiation of grace and then empower us to be instruments of the same in the lives of others.  Incarnate the Son through me.

Come Lord Jesus….quickly.