Hello everyone,

My name is Josh Stegall and I recently joined the team at Rod and Staff.  First, let me say that I count it a great blessing to be at Rod and Staff and rejoice in the providence of God that has led to this new ministry. My family and I look forward to how God will use us to his glory in this new role.

As I mentioned, I do have a family. I am married to Ashleigh and we will soon celebrate 14 years.  We have 3 children: Ella (9 soon to be 10), Jackson (8) and Anne (6).  They are a joy and challenge (at times) to parent and definitely keep us on our toes. Ashleigh and I met in college. We spent a couple of years in Jackson, TN and then moved to Louisville, KY for my seminary training at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. We moved to Indy in March 2009 to serve at Calvary Baptist Church and served there until coming to Rod and Staff at the beginning of August 2015.

But that is enough about me for now. Let me share with you from Psalm 119:49-50 which reads,

      “Remember your word to your servant,

    in which you have made me hope.

        This is my comfort in my affliction,

    That your promise gives me life.”

We have been made to hope in the Word of God by the grace of God and from that hope comes comfort in affliction. In fact, God’s promises give life.  Notice that the comfort in affliction is not removal of the affliction (that may or may not come) but the promises of God that give life.  My friends, affliction will come in this life. Where will you turn for comfort? Will you run to loved ones, drugs, alcohol, sex?  Will you turn inward and withdraw? OR will you run to God? His promises give life.  Friends, our role as counselors is to minister the Word of God. We are to hold up before those who are struggling the promises of God that He may give them life and comfort. May we seek to be ever more faithful in that task.

By His Grace Alone,