Josh Stegall Photo by Rod and Staff Ministries

Josh Stegall Photo by Rod and Staff Ministries

Greetings beloved,

Rod and Staff Ministries is a ministry dedicated to para-church ministry. We are not the church. We cannot be the church. Only the church can be the church. God’s best is the church. God has wisely determined that the sanctification of the saints would occur in the church. Therefore, discipleship and counseling belong in the church. Rod and Staff Ministries will not seek to supplant the church. We seek to equip the church to better be the church. Our emphasis, therefore, cannot be counseling…but training. We must train men and women to speak words of life in formal and informal counseling opportunities. We will not take people from the church, but equip them and send them back into their churches to serve as instruments in The Redeemer’s hands.

To that end we welcome to our team, Josh Stegall. Josh will help us expand our training, Josh is a pastor…and all pastors are counselors. Josh is teacher…and all counselors are teachers. Josh understands and firmly believes that the Bible is sufficient for ALL things pertaining to life and godliness (2 Pet 1:3). I am thrilled to have another man with whom to minister alongside. Like myself, Josh will need to work outside of the ministry. Both of us are fully committed to upholding the Bible as God’s good words to us…sufficient for all of life’s problems. Biblical counseling is one of the most important truth paradigms I have ever known. Rod and Staff Ministries is prepared to step out in faith–believing that God will sustain the greatness of His name.

Please welcome Josh. Please welcome his bride Ashleigh (and three beautiful children: Ella, Jackson, and Anne). Please pray that both he and I might be able to be full time ministers. Pray that God will bring more students to be equipped to help other saints grow in both conformity to Christ and capacity to enjoy Jesus.

10,000 Blessings in The Wonderful Counselor,