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Rod and Staff is at best second best.  Allow me to say that again, Rod and Staff is at best second best.  The best, indeed God’s design, is the church.

The church is the best.  The church is the best place for sanctification and the best place for discipleship and the best place for counseling.  Therefore, Rod and Staff Ministries never seeks to take resources from the church…nor to do ministry best accomplished by the church.

We do not want to be a counseling center.  We do not want to be the place where churches defer and refer their people in need.  We want the churches to disciple, counsel, and minister to their own.  We want to train men and women to be competent to counsel in their own church.  To that end Rod and Staff Ministries conducts training.  We train people to go back into their church and counsel from within their church.  

Our training kicks off in January of 2015.  Any Christian will profit from the training.  You will first learn how best to counsel yourself…and then how to counsel others.  You are already counseling everyday…come be prepared to do it biblically.

We are passionate about equipping the church.  We want to see the saints live above sin, circumstance, and suffering.  We desire to see the saints sanctified into the image of Jesus and more satisfied with Jesus.  Please see or direct others you may know to our website that they may be equipped to be an instrument in the hands of God to help a fellow pilgrim.

10,000 Blessings in The Wonderful Counselor,

Rod and Staff Ministries


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