Two Truths

These two truths beg your attention and your response to them is important to the work of the church.

  1. Counseling belongs in the church.  The church has the Words of life and only the saints know the Savior…His goodness, His greatness, and His purposes even in pain.  You can help others in ways the world will never know.
  2. You are already counseling every day.  Every time someone asks you for advice you are counseling.  Every time you help others make sense of suffering you are counseling.  Every time evil afflicts someone you love and you answer the inevitable “why?”…you are counseling.  The question is not whether you are counseling, but how biblical is the counseling you are already giving?

These two truths are inescapable.  YOU ARE A COUNSELOR…and…COUNSELING BELONGS IN THE CHURCH.

Rod and Staff Ministries has one passion…to trumpet these two truths.  We exist to equip the churches to be able to counsel their flocks.  We would see the churches competent to help the saints live above circumstance.

We have classes forming that seek this one goal to equip you to give God-honoring and soul-satisfying counsel.  If you desire to be more than a victim, more than a survivor–indeed, if you would live life as more than a conquerer…and long for the same in others, please consider our classes.  Our classes are held on the south side of Indianapolis and begin this January and run once a week for twelve sessions.  In just three months you would be a vessel more fit for the Master’s use–to bring glory to Himself and hope to a hurting world.

We can equip you to be a disciple-maker…competent to bring the sufficient Word of Life to help sustain the weary.  Sign up on-line and come…join us in growing together.

10,000 Blessings in The Wonderful Counselor,
Rod and Staff Ministries