Grass and Sky

Rod and Staff Ministries has re-opened the application process for counseling .  We regret that we were not able to schedule people for help and hope the past few months.  We simply do not have enough counselors to meet the demand.  As our counselors have been able to work through a number of appointments, we now have some limited availability.  Please note, however, that we will never have enough counselors to meet the growing need for answers to life’s problems.  God intends help and hope to be found in local churches…in communities of believers who are equipped to show those in trials God and His purposes and designs for our lives and our pain.  Please consider becoming equipped yourself and consider how your church might see enough saints trained that the need will be met by many counselors.  Rod and Staff Ministries will never be a good substitute for the church.  May God raise up men and women, full of goodness and knowledge, competent to counsel each other (Romans 15:14).