Dead Branches

Beloved, God intends for you to change. God intends for you to enjoy Jesus more. God intends to make much of Himself in the Person of His Son. Eternal joy is at stake.

  • You must change.
  • You must be conformed into Jesus’ image, and consumed with His mercy & might.
  • You must be more sanctified, and be more satisfied with Jesus.
  • You must be less sinful and more worshipful.

Change, i.e. sanctification, is so vital that God employs many means to ensure its end.

God uses…

  • The Word of Truth both preached AND counseled
  • The church, i.e., other believers
  • The secret and sovereign action of the Spirit as you behold Jesus
  • The discipline of prayer
  • …and suffering.

Yea verily, God uses trouble to bring about change.

Beloved, God uses the chemotherapy of affliction to kill the cancer of sin.

10,000 Blessings in The Wonderful Counselor