Train Station

Rod and Staff is unable to accept any requests for counseling at this time.  When the wait time of those seeking counseling exceeds two months, we cease accepting applications.  We, too, are brokenhearted when the need exceeds the resources to help.

God’s design is that all churches equip themselves with the Word to be able to provide restorative discipleship (aka counseling) to their members.  God especially intends that pastors counsel their flock.  If you are waiting for counseling and have not sought out your pastors for help, please go see them.  If they are ill-equipped to counsel you, please encourage them to be trained.

Perhaps you might even consider training for yourself.  The training will help you identify and work through your own challenges. In addition, you’ll be equipped and ready to help others in the future so that they may receive God’s solutions to life’s sufferings as well.  We have classes year round and you can view our calendar, which lists upcoming training classes and event dates.

As counselors become available we will most certainly re-open our application process.  Until then, we encourage you to get equipped, learn how to live a life that pleases God and learn how to a live a life that is lived above circumstance.

10,000 Blessings in The Wonderful Counselor,
Rod and Staff Ministries