American Flag on Cinder Block Wall

Our country is living out the compounding problem of the loss of an external authority. Everyone makes decisions based upon some authority…nobody makes decisions for no reason and without some authority granting permission. When an external, objective authority is lost the only one remaining is internal and subjective.

If a husband loses sight of biblical authority, his “feelings” will become his guide (and he could soon seek out of his marriage for the sake of his worldly happiness instead of the eternal joy of pleasing God). If a country loses sight of constitutional authority (which is far less authoritative than biblical authority) then the only option left is to “do what seems right in the eyes” of the those who cry loudest.

When Supreme Court Justices read into the Constitution what was never intended and when Prosecutors read into the law that which was never intended they are foolish, subjective, and encouraging more subjective responses from the people they presume to lead…but they are doing no worse than Christians when they read into the Bible what they want in order to disobey God.

When THE objective, external authority of God’s Word is abandoned what surely fills the void is the biggest stick…be that stick one of hurt, feelings, or fists.

Beloved, please joyfully submit thyself to the Word…it will be to the joy of your soul.