Rod and Staff Ministries is ever seeking to be better suited to help others solve life’s problems.  Two new changes will help us do just that.

We have moved our counselee questionnaire form to be online and available from our website.  Now those seeking to learn how to please God can complete the form online for faster processing.  You may wonder why we request new counselees to complete the form, but these questions greatly help the counselors begin to pray and prepare to help others learn how to live above circumstance during their next counseling sessions.

Secondly, we have added new features to help scheduling, especially when there are changes.  A new program will send alerts to both counselor and counselee when either are required to change scheduled meeting times.  The new system will remove any third party coordinator, thus allowing our limited staff more time to grow the ministry.

In order to provide these advancements we will require an administrative fee for all counselees.  Given our commitment to offer biblical counseling free of charge (some charge as much as $200 an hour), the $25 dollar administrative fee is little indeed.

Please praise God with us that He has not left us alone.  He has provided all things that pertain to life and godliness in the knowledge of Jesus through His Word.  Life, did you hear that…life is found in Him.  May God continue to use Rod and Staff Ministries to connect people to The Hope of Glory….Jesus.

10,000 Blessings in The Wonderful Counselor,

Rod and Staff