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During my supervision with Rod and Staff, I counseled a couple from my church who was working through marital issues like communication and problem solving. Jim Fain, my supervisor, encouraged me to share biblical steps of confession and repentance with the couple. These principles were largely taken from Matthew 7 where Jesus teaches His followers to remove the log from their own eye before addressing the speck in another’s eye. I saw this teaching drastically change the way my counselees’ solved problems together, beginning with genuine confession and repentance.

Jordan Bray

Supervision Graduate, ACBC Certified 2023

The Lord used Dr. Fain as a conduit of knowledge, experience, encouragement, and training to use the Word of God to change my life. Dr. Fain began with the implications for obedience, why unbelief is the greatest enemy in the room, narratives in the Bible, how God uses suffering in our lives, how pride and idolatry manifest themselves in our lives, and how to rid ourselves of them. It has been the trip of a lifetime! Dr. Fain is kind,
understanding, challenging, flexible, knowledgeable, dependable, and decisive. I could not have asked, and I am certain there does not exist, a more supportive nor more helpful mentor to help me traverse the mentoring phase of biblical counseling.

Elizabeth Brittain

Supervision Graduate, ACBC Certified 2023

God has used biblical counseling training to deepen my practical understanding of who He is. This in turn matures my faith in Him, which brings me to a place of complete dependence on Him. In a similar way, God is using His Word to change the lives of the people who I am counseling.

Chris Unger

Supervision Graduate, ACBC Certified 2022